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Why Choose a Real Estate Broker to Buy Your House, Condo or Other Property?

For most people, buying a house, a condo or any other property represents the biggest investment of their life. With myriad of factors involved, such as research, visits, offers, negotiations and counter-offers, not to mention commercial, legal and financial details, this process is far from simple, especially when one is going through it for the first time. As such, the professional services provided by a real estate broker contribute to the success of each step of the purchase transaction.

As a buyer, the client will incur no real estate brokerage fees, as these will be borne by the seller. So, why forego such a service? The real estate broker will facilitate the buying process, taking charge of each step, while serving as an advisor and seasoned negotiator. The buyer will be guided through every step of looking for a house, condo or other property, as well as the transaction itself, thereby guaranteeing peace of mind.

Each real estate broker boasts a broad field of expertise, which any property buyer can appreciate. Through their real estate brokerage training, they have access to several tools and an excellent network of contacts to properly advise their clients. As a financial advisor, building inspector and notary, a real estate broker leverages its network to facilitate every transaction, and can also provide many useful details on properties for sale.

Furthermore, their objectivity and expertise will be a boon during visits. Indeed, they will be able to remind buyers of their search criteria at all times, as well as any property details to check on before producing a promise to purchase. As such, despite emotions that may arise during the buying process, clients will be properly guided to an informed decision.

Teaming up with a real estate broker when buying a house, a condo or any other property, also means benefitting from full protection under the Real Estate Brokerage Act, which stewards the profession and protects the general public.


RE/MAX, Quebec's Highest Performing Network of Real Estate Brokers

With approximately 3656 real estate brokers across 143 offices, RE/MAX offers you Québec's foremost real estate network to help you find your ideal property. RE/MAX brokers represent almost 19% of Quebec's entire pool of real estate brokers and controls nearly half of the market share, sometimes more in certain regions.

The benefits of working with me for the purchase


To be informed, at all times, of the new products available on the market without having to spend hours on internet;


Having access to comparable sales in the drafting of the promise of purchase and thus know the true value of the desirable property;


Get advice from an expert who also analyses the data made available;

Third party

Receive well lit objective opinions of a third party, to avoid getting carried away at first sight or turn down a good deal on account of something non-substantial;

Service of a professional

Secure the services of a professional, ability to advise you on the terms to use when writing the promise to purchase;


To have an experienced negotiator at your side who knows the pitfalls to avoid when presenting a promise to purchase, more so in the presentation of simultaneous promise to purchase.

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